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How to solve the punctured vacuum aluminum foil bag!

At present, in the packaging bag market, functional packaging, active packaging, and intelligent packaging are booming. Entering the food counters of many merchants, with its unique charm, it brings prosperity and convenience to the operation of operators. Industry insiders believe that the release of new food packaging not only showcases new products and new technologies in the world’s packaging and food machine industry, but also promotes technological progress in the industry, and more importantly, ensures the quality of food from the inside out. It solves many factors such as difficult long-distance transportation and difficult to keep fresh, and meets the needs of operators and consumers. Expert analysis, this new type of food packaging will always be optimistic, and its prospects are gratifying. As a widely used bag, the vacuum aluminum foil bag will be punctured in the ordinary use process. How can we solve it? Let’s do a simple analysis first. Quality problem: The bag body of the packaging bag containing aluminum foil is easily pierced to form pinholes, resulting in problems such as leakage and deterioration of health care products. Analysis of the reasons for food bags and food packaging bags: –Poor rubbing resistance of packaging materials—In the process of transportation, storage and sales, the packaging of finished health products will inevitably be rubbed and squeezed by external forces. Poor (especially aluminum foil packaging materials), it is easy to form penetrating pinholes during the rubbing process, resulting in puncture of the packaging bag and leakage. It can be verified by rubbing resistance test, that is, comparing the gas permeability value of the packaging material before and after rubbing, or verifying whether there is a penetrating pinhole. Poor puncture resistance—that is, the packaging has poor puncture resistance against sharp objects from the outside world or inside the packaging. For example, the corners of the packaging bag are prone to puncture the body of other packaging bags. If the puncture resistance of the packaging bag is poor, it is easy to break the bag under the puncture effect of foreign objects, causing leakage or deterioration of the health care products. It can be verified by puncture resistance test. [Vacuum bag]

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