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How to solve the uneven printing of gravure printing in YLTpacking packaging?

The uneven printing of the layered version can be divided into two types: the uneven printing of the gradient layer and the uneven printing of the shallow layer. The uneven printing of the gradient level is mainly because no matter how the engraving process is selected in the plate making process, the area where the dots are prone to be merged can not be avoided. Although the viscosity of the ink can be adjusted during the printing process. It is impossible to avoid the occurrence of dot merging, so it is difficult to control the uneven printing of gradient layers in the production process. It is best to choose a better engraving process to reduce the printing unevenness caused by the merging phenomenon. The uneven printing of shallow layers is mainly caused by the following reasons: In the printing process, the ink viscosity is too high or the solvent volatilizes too quickly, resulting in a group of knife filaments that are uneven, and the ink viscosity is too low during the printing process. During the pressing process, uneven printing occurs due to uneven printing, and the printing plate cylinder is rough and has burrs, causing uneven scraping by the scraper. China YLTpacking packaging, packaging bag manufacturers, gravure printing manufacturers, packaging bag customization, processing factories, welcome your inquiries:

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