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How to store food in plastic bags

At present, there are always concerns of one kind or another about plastic food packaging bags, and some people even think that plastic”poisonous”. However, industry experts believe that plastic food packaging bags can be used with confidence, but do not use colored plastic bags for food.According to reports, the plastic polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester, polystyrene, etc. currently used for food packaging have qualified hygienic properties and are safe to use in food packaging. However, consumers cannot distinguish between food and non-food plastic bags, so a considerable number of unqualified plastic bags are used for food packaging, which seriously endangers people’s health.Relevant experts specially reminded that when packaging cooked food, snacks and other food for direct consumption in plastic bags, it is best not to use colored plastic bags. Because the pigment used for dyeing plastic bags is highly permeable and volatile, it is easy to seep out when exposed to oil and heat. If it is an organic dye, it will also contain aromatic hydrocarbons, which have certain effects on health. In addition, many colored plastic bags are made of recycled plastics. Due to the large amount of impurities in recycled plastics, manufacturers have to add pigments to cover them up. But some plastic bags made from recycled plastic are also white. Experts also pointed out that there is no particularly effective way to distinguish plastic food bags, but one thing is certain, plastic bags produced by informal manufacturers and sold at street stalls should never be used for food packaging. In addition, plastic bags should not be used for food if they have a special smell.Although plastic food packaging bags are safe, you should also pay attention to the method in use. Do not store hot food in plastic bags for a long time. In daily life, it is often seen that people use plastic bags to pack steaming fried cakes, fried dough sticks, etc. If eaten in a short time, there is no great harm, but covering overheated food in the bag for a long time will cause Certain substances in plastic ooze out and affect health. When heating food in the microwave, it is best to use special plastic bags and special containers for microwave ovens. Use plastic wrap for refrigerated and frozen foods in the refrigerator instead of using ordinary plastic bags. In addition, buy plastic wrap should also look forQSlogo. passed recentlyQSCertification(Quality and SafetyQuality Safety)of a brand of plastic wrap, held in”buy cling film, look forQSlogo”When publicizing and educational activities, remind that you should look for the stickers with”QS”Only the plastic wrap with the logo can be purchased with confidence. The special process and raw materials of the plastic wrap have good ventilation and preservation performance, while the ordinary plastic bag will be used for a long time, and the food will deteriorate and rot, and the purpose of preservation will not be achieved.

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