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How to test the heat sealing strength of plastic packaging bags?

How to test the heat sealing strength of plastic packaging bags?The methods for determining the heat sealing strength of plastic packaging bags are as follows: 1, Make samples. Take any samples from the side, back, top or bottom of the plastic film packaging bag in a vertical direction to the heat-sealed part, respectively, as the heat-sealed sample on the side, back, top or bottom of the packaging bag (eachPartially cut samples10article, at least from5on a plastic film bag). The sample width is (15±0.1)mm, the expanded length is (1000±1)mm. But when the expansion length cannot be obtained as(100±1)mmWhen the sample is made, use the cellophane adhesive tape to bond the same material as the bag, so that the unfolded length of the sample is (100±1)mm. 2, Status adjustment. Specimens shall be subjected to at least the following conditions:4hStatus adjustment. temperature(23±2℃, relative humidity and normal humidity. 3, sample steps. The sample after state adjustment is unfolded with the sealing part as the center line.180°, clamp both ends of the sample in the testing machine (XLWOn the two fixtures of the intelligent electronic tensile testing machine), theThe longitudinal axis of the sample coincides with the line connecting the center of the upper and lower clamps, and should be tight enough to prevent the sample from slipping and breaking in the clamp. Adjust the distance between fixtures and set the test speed to (300±20)mm/min, start the testtest, the force value is judged automatically, whenFn+1>Fn, depositFn+1value; whenFn+1≤70%FnIt is judged to stop.During the test, if the test sample is broken in the fixture, the first sample is invalid, and another sample is taken to make up. When the seal is opened, the material itself breaks. In this case, when the strength of the seal is greater than the breaking force of the plastic film, the production process should be considered.

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