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How to understand fully biodegradable plastic bags?

The declared and manufactured biodegradable plastic bags must be marked in accordance with the above data and the materials used. Fully biodegradable plastic bags are easily generated after non-degradable material waste”plastic trash”The solution of this insoluble material has created a great technological problem and also promoted the development trend of biodegradable raw materials. Interference regularity of water-repellent properties of biodegradable particulate matter, obtainedSPIThe processing technology standards for modified materials of biodegradable raw materials are:SPIRatio of mass to volume of tetrahydrofuran1:3, and the use of orthogonal and compositional experimental designs improves theSPIStandard for Modified Materials of Biodegradable Raw Materials; Prepared Under the StandardSPIThe tensile strength of the biodegradable raw material is8.61MPa. Biodegradable raw materials are raw materials that can be dissolved by microorganisms into low-molecular-structure organic compounds under moderate and interpretable geographical environmental standards.At present, the environmental protection biodegradable plastic bags said on the market are the key to:Biodegradable plastic bags, biodegradable plastic bags, biodegradable compost biodegradable plastic bags.Biodegradable Biodegradable Plastic BagsPolymers in biodegradable plastic bags are partially or destroyed due to ultraviolet radiation, air oxidative rust, and bioerosion. This represents a shift in function, such as fading, cracking and cracking of the surface.Biotechnology dissolves biodegradable plastic bagsOrganic chemicals in biodegradable plastic bags are partially converted by microorganisms into water, carbon dioxide/Biochemical process of methane gas, kinetic energy and new biomass.Retting Fertilizer Biodegradable Plastic BagBiodegradable plastic bags can be biodegraded under special standards and time and frequency domains in high temperature soil layers, and generally need to be applied in industrial production of compost to achieve faster decomposition and high efficiency. From the above three points, if the biodegradable plastic bag is biodegradable or compostable, it will be converted into water and carbon dioxide due to biodegradation, and will disappear from the natural environment, thereby realizing the real effect of environmental protection!And if a biodegradable plastic bag is biodegradable, and the main content includes chemical degradation or thermal oxygen dissolution, it can only turn my country’s biodegradable plastic bag into tiny plastic debris, which is not only unfavorable for the recycling, use and cleaning of plastics, but also a pan-entertainment. The entry of plastic into the social development environment art design will cause students to cause a key problem of environmental pollution that harms a large number of companies. Therefore, such biodegradable and biodegradable plastic bags are not environmentally friendly, and have also caused many people to resist in the field.Thermoplastics: due to heat and/Or plastic dissolved by air oxidation:Therefore, when purchasing biodegradable or compostable biodegradable plastic bags, you first need to know whether there are policies and regulations related to biodegradable plastic bags under the label, and then, according to the environmental protection label. raw material. Biodegradable plastic bags are truly environmentally friendly only if they become water and carbon dioxide.At this stage, the biodegradable plastic bags on the market are basically all non-degradable plastics if the user does not have special requirements. Due to the very high cost of dissolving agents, the circulation time of industrial-grade bags is too long. If the dissolution time is specified too short, the product will become waste before it reaches the customer.

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