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How to use degradable plastic bags?

be sure to acknowledge,”Plastic ban”To a certain extent, it has promoted the development trend of the degradable plastic bag industry chain. At this stage, there are some raw materials that can replace high-density polyethylene, including polylactic acid, polyoxymethylene, polyethylene terephthalate, polyethylene terephthalate and other fiber materials. Some packaging bag and plastic bag manufacturers refer to various microbial degradable plastic bags as degradable plastic bags or degradable plastic bags (plastic bags).At this stage, degradable plastic bags are used in supermarket shopping bags, continuous roll film bags, plastic bags, plastic films and other industries. such as Jilin ProvincePLA(polylactic acid) degradable plastic bag replacementPEPlastic bags; for example, cornstarch-based degradable plastic bags are widely used in Sanya, Hainan, shopping malls, hotels and other places.In fact, the key to packaging bags that have not been completely environmentally friendly at this stage is to add some very easily soluble ingredients to some packaging bags. Such as tapioca starch, modified starch or other fibers, initiators, degradants, etc., the reliability of packaging bag products is reduced, and it is easier to dissolve in the environment. Most degradable plastics are exposed in the general natural environment3to6Softening, fat loss, reduced compressive strength and breakage after months. If this debris is buried in waste or soil layers, the actual effect of dissolution is not significant.In fact, the real way to protect the ecological environment is not to use packaging bags or definite packaging bags to reduce costs, and to have sound recycling methods to prevent littering.This type of partially degradable plastic bag has several defectsOne is that food costs a lot, and the other is that commodities cannot be removed.”visual pollution”The third is that the technology cannot completely deal with the impact of degradable plastic bags on the natural environment.”harm”Fourth, the degradable plastics in production and processing have biodegradable additives and cannot be recycled.There is a bag that melts quickly in the sun and body moisture. According to the inspection of the National Environmental Protection Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, all kinds of indicators of the commodity meet or exceed the testing standards of our country, and the environment is hygienic and non-toxic. It is a high green environmental protection product in my country. Use non-toxic isoprene rubber epoxy resin, plus dissolving agent and other raw materials.

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