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How to use easy tear packaging film

Disclosed is a method of using an easy-tear film. The easy-tear film used for packaging is composed of a three-layer structure. The inner layer is in contact with the package, and the other two layers are the middle layer and the outer layer. The three-layer structure is composed of polymer polymerization. The inner layer is a mixture of low-density polyethylene and metallocene low-density polyethylene, the middle layer is a modified easy-tear polyethylene resin material, and the outer layer is a mixture of low-density polyethylene and linear low-density polyethylene ; Easy-tear film completes the packaging of items through the steps of cutting, packaging, and disinfection. The easy-tear film using method has the advantages of simple process, easy tearing and convenient use. It relates to an easy-tear film for packaging. In order to protect items, film is often used for packaging in daily necessities. The currently used easy-to-tear film is to use a laser to engrave a cutting line on the film or use a machine to cut the film into zigzag to make the film easy to tear. This method exists. Defects of low processing efficiency and difficult process control.

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