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How to vacuum the rice vacuum packaging bag without air leakage

There are many 2.5kg rice vacuum packaging bags on the market now. We use vacuum technology to extend the shelf life of rice, and even use it as a selling point. Therefore, we cannot be careless during the vacuuming process. Once the rice vacuum bag leaks , will affect the sales of rice. How can we improve the fault tolerance rate during production to ensure that each bag of rice can be vacuumed smoothly without air leakage? Food bags, food packaging bags 1. Material problems In the process of vacuuming, if there is a problem with the packaging bag material, it is easy to be punctured by the sharp rice grains, so we have to use anti-puncture PA+PE To make rice packaging bag material. 2. The thickness of the packaging bag The rice vacuum bag needs to bear the load. Even if the anti-puncture material is used, if the thickness is not enough, air leakage will also occur. It is recommended to make the rice vacuum bag thicker when customizing it to avoid Friction during transportation caused the rice vacuum bag to leak air, marketing the sale of rice. 3. Sealing temperature Rice vacuum bags are composite bags, and composite bags are composed of heat-sealing layer, middle layer and outer layer. The main function of the heat-sealing layer is to increase the adhesiveness of the two layers of composite films. achieved by applying pressure. If the temperature is too high or too low, it may cause the bag mouth not to be sealed properly and cause air leakage! 4. Heat sealing machine The hot air blower has single-side heat-sealing and double-side heat-sealing, as well as automatic and semi-automatic. These prices are different, so when we buy machines, we must choose machines that meet our production scale, and don’t be greedy for cheapness. If the above measures are not improved, it may be the problem of the rice packaging bag itself, which is more complicated. We will not introduce it to you here. It is recommended to find a powerful packaging bag manufacturer to cooperate. For information on how to customize your favorite rice bag, see another packaging bag information “How to Customize a Cost-Effective Rice Packaging Bag? 》

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