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Identify the quality of packaging bags by color

Today, yltpacking is here to discuss with you, is there any relationship between the color of the plastic packaging bag and the quality of the bag? How to tell the difference? Let’s analyze them one by one. The first point is that there must be a food logo for both the packaging bag used and the food containing it. This logo is usually in the most conspicuous place of the packaging bag. The second point is to look at the color of the packaging bag. Many colored plastic packaging bags use recycled materials from waste plastics and cannot be used for food. For example, some farmers’ markets use black plastic bags for fish, shrimp and other aquatic products or meat. These bags are originally used to hold garbage and consumers should avoid using them. Finally, it depends on whether the plastic packaging bag contains any impurities, put the plastic bag in the sun or light to see if there are black spots and holes. If there are impurities, waste plastics are used as raw materials. For this kind of plastic packaging bag, some packaging bag manufacturers often mix dark color masterbatch and blow film production together. For example, the black plastic bags mentioned above are made from very poorly recycled materials, and the plastic made from this material often has visible impurities (black spots/blocks) on its outer surface. Therefore, some plastic bag manufacturers use dark masterbatch to dye the plastic, which makes it difficult to identify.

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