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Important Contents of Biodegradable PLA stics Development of Circular Economy Industry

The production of new materials is bound to become the development direction of PLA stic enterprises. According to industry insiders, judging from the current development trend of the PLA stics industry, the development of environmentally friendly biodegradable PLA stics industry is one of the important contents of China’s development of circular economy industry. With the continuous increase in environmental protection, the country has gradually increased its emphasis on environmental protection and recycling industries. Among them, PLA stics are the main source of “white pollution”, and its recycling and environmental protection have attracted the attention of many environmentalists. At present, as environmentally friendly PLA stic products, biodegradable PLA stics, high-tech functional new materials, and recycling of waste PLA stics are becoming global research and development hotspots, among which biodegradable PLA stics are developing particularly rapidly, which also makes PLA stic manufacturers realize that biological The degradable PLA stics market has huge business opportunities. As one of the important suppliers of biodegradable PLA stics in the world, China accounts for about 20% of the global production capacity. In recent years, the average annual growth rate of China’s biodegradable PLA stic production capacity has exceeded 21%. As many companies embark on the construction or expansion of biodegradable PLA stic projects, the production capacity will continue to increase. According to industry insiders, the main target markets for biodegradable PLA stics are PLA stic packaging films, agricultural films, disposable PLA stic bags and disposable PLA stic tableware. Compared with traditional PLA stic packaging materials, the cost of new degradable materials is slightly higher. However, with the enhancement of environmental protection awareness, people are willing to use new biodegradable materials with a slightly higher price in order to protect the environment. The enhancement of environmental protection awareness has brought huge development opportunities to the biodegradable new material industry.

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