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Important materials for fully biodegradable bags

Wood-plastic board material refers to a type of material made of wood powder filled with anti-corrosion coatings, that is, a composite material made of methyl cellulose-containing materials and generated materials, also known as wood powder/plastic composite materials, Wood fiber/plastic composite materials, wood-plastic composite materials. Because the wood powder in the wood-plastic composite material comes from common sources, high quality and low price, it can be regenerated and has degradability, the product has high compressive strength and low relative density, and it is a kind of green material. Because wood-plastic composite material has a series of advantages, especially its green environmental protection, it has caused widespread concern in scientific research and academia around the world, and has gradually achieved commercialization progress, and its application has become increasingly common.In addition to engineering and construction, it is also used in the automotive industry, warehousing, road transportation, agriculture and animal husbandry, and even military, playground facilities and other fields. Wood plastic products have long been20new century70The era has already occurred in Europe and Japan, and some housing contractors use wood chips to30%The ratio of fuck people in hardpvcIn the dry wrong material, the production of solid wood feelingpvcProfiles. However, due to the serious damage of the extruder screw and its low production efficiency, the industrial production could not be completed.In recent years, extruded wood-plastic board materials have solved the above problems in terms of raw material solution, method technology, extrusion molding machine, mold shell, etc., and further solved the problems of balanced mixing and vacuum distillation of raw materials, making this technical and product announcements entered the commercialization period.Wood-plastic composite materials have long been widely recognized outside, and a product production line in Europe has long been running, which has improved the sales market progress of wood-plastic products. In the application of new technology of wood-plastic products, the amount of wood powder is in the50%On top of that, wood flour has long been regarded not only as a filler, but only as a raw material.Today, some real estate developers of this type of material feel that this type of material, which has become a hot spot on the Internet in various countries around the world, should be regarded as a material, and the amount of wood powder is in the60%The following materials can be called wood plastic products, and the amount of wood flour exceeds70%The material should be called wooden furniture, because it is a kind of wood fused with epoxy resin. Therefore, the material with high wood flour composition has its original performance index and insufficient, so it cannot be combined with wood flour added.pvc,PP, Polyurethane foampvcIn terms of material comparison, its key market competition material is MDF aluminum profile.

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