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In addition to biodegradable PLA stic products and seaweed PLA stic products on the market

In order to protect the environment, new materials are constantly being introduced, and biodegradable PLA stic products are not as good as a new material, seaweed PLA stic products.Indonesia is the largest producer of seaweed. an indonesian companyevowaUsing seaweed as a raw material, a biodegradable packaging has been developed that will not only reduce PLA stic waste in the country but also increase the livelihoods of Indonesian seaweed farmers. Seaweed packaging materials, are not suitable for the packaging of more robust items, instead they focus on small products such as grocery bags and wraps, and packaging of other small products such as soap.So they created two seaweed-based materials. One is biodegradable and is used in non-food products; the other is soluble in warm water and completely edible in its undissolved state and is used in food packaging.Dutch Seaweed Lab Designer Eric Klarenbeekand Maartje DrosA bio PLA stic has also been developed using seaweed as a raw material. They dried the seaweed and made it into a 3DThe method of printing the material. Participants in the Seaweed Lab are now scanning ancient vessels in the Arles museum and reprinting them with the new material. The designer believes this method could one day make everything from PLA stic utensils to shampoo bottles, trash cans, medicine bottles and more.

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