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In the era of the popularity of eight-side sealing bags, are three-side sealing bags really outdated?

The heyday of the three-sided seal, which dates back many years ago, remember that when you bought a pack of spicy sticks, it was divided by several children. Every time you took a pack of candy or a pack of spicy sticks, you could call on many small followers. But now the spicy strip candies are gone, and the packaging can’t even be seen. The three-side sealing bag can be said to rule the entire packaging bag industry at that time. And later appeared one after another, stand-up bags, organ bags, four-side bags and the most popular eight-side sealing bags in recent years. The proportion of three-side sealing bags in packaging is greatly reduced. So will the three-side sealing bags fade out of the market in the future? What is the future of three-sided sealing? Food bags, food packaging bags, three-side sealing packaging bags have the most mature production process so far, the bag making method is relatively simple compared to other bag types, the precision of bag cutting and flashing is higher than other bag types, the production cost is lower, and Tightness is the best. The current three-side sealing bags are mainly used in mask packaging bags, high temperature cooking bags, vacuum packaging bags, pesticide material packaging bags, rice vacuum bags or packaging on some sprees. Since the printing surface of the three-side seal is relatively single, the capacity and three-dimensional sense are relatively poor, so now merchants will choose other bag types for product packaging, thereby increasing product sales. However, the three-side sealing bag has irreplaceable advantages, such as high air tightness and low production cost. It seems that in the future market, the three-side packaging bag is mainly used for high air tightness and poor reusability. Big packaging demand is on.

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