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Ink for Foil Bag

1. What are the requirements for the ink to make aluminum foil bags?In the printing of food aluminum foil bags, excessive benzene has always been a problem that plagues manufacturers. However, if the water-based gravure ink is used, this situation can be changed and the contamination of the contained food by the residual solvent can be reduced. In order to ensure the printing effect of customized aluminum foil bags, there are seven precautions for reference in the process of use.Adjust ink viscosity with water, generally controlled at15~25second. Prevent the viscosity from being too high, resulting in dirty and paste. When using water-based ink for foil bag printing,PHvalue should be controlled at8.5~9between. The drying temperature should be controlled between 50 and 60 degrees Celsius. When drying, the air volume should be large to ensure that the water-based ink transferred to the film can be quickly air-dried.After the ink is poured into the ink tank, first idle the plate cylinder2min~3minAfter that, start printing again to ensure that the plate cylinder is wet and the ink is stirred effectively. During the printing process, if there is a temporary shutdown, it is necessary to ensure that the printing plate continues to rotate to prevent the ink on the printing plate from drying and solidifying, which may cause the cells to be blocked. The depth of the cells of the plate cylinder is preferably shallower, which is conducive to speeding up the printing speed and saving ink. If the cells are too deep, it will not only hinder the printing speed, consume ink, but also be prone to sticking. The specific depth is maintained at15~25um. Before printing the customized food aluminum foil bag, adjust the ink viscosity according to the depth of the plate cylinder net. Do not add water to the ink during the printing process. If necessary, add new ink to ensure that the audio hue is always consistent. After printing, wash the plate cylinder immediately, pour clean water into the early ink tank, and rotate the plate cylinder for cleaning at the same time, or add3%washing powder solution for cleaning.At present, the country has classified custom-made food aluminum foil bags into compulsory use3CIn the certification catalog, this means that the printing of water-soluble plastic bags will gain wider development. Because it has no benzene, no irritating odor, and no food pollution, it is very suitable for the printing of food plastic bags. Under the general trend of environmental protection, this environmentally friendly ink-printed plastic bag product will usher in an excellent development opportunity.2. First, different solvent mixtures should be set for inks with different properties. Secondly, the proportion of solvents should be formulated according to the environmental temperature, humidity, printing equipment, printing speed, and printing plate rollers of the printing operation.The following will print room temperature at20℃ or so, the printing speed is50~100Meter/Depending on the situation, the formulations and ratios of diluents for the four types of ink printing for plastic gravure are provided for reference by gravure operators: 1, The ratio of the diluent used for the plastic gravure ink in the inner printing:Fast drying solvent: ethyl acetate20%, toluene80%Medium dry solvent: ethyl acetate20%, toluene80%or 100%Slow drying solvent: ethyl acetate20%, xylene80%(Note: alcohol solvent cannot be added, it should be added when the climate and humidity are high 5-20%Dingketone) 2. The ratio of diluent used for surface printing plastic gravure ink:Fast drying solvent: ethyl acetate20%, toluene40%, isopropanol40%Medium dry solvent: ethyl acetate5%, toluene55%, isopropanol40%Slow drying solvent: xylene50%, isopropanol50%Extra slow drying solvent: xylene50%, isopropanol50%, n-butanol1-3% 3, The ratio of diluent used in alcohol-soluble plastic gravure ink:Fast drying solvent: ethyl acetate50%, anhydrous ethanol 50%Medium dry solvent: ethyl acetate20%isopropanol 80%Slow drying solvent: absolute ethanol50%, Propyl acetate50% 4, The ratio of diluent used for cooking plastic gravure ink:Dry solvent: ethyl acetate30%, isopropanol20%, butanone 50%Medium dry solvent: isopropyl alcohol10%, toluene40%, butanone 50%Dry solvent: Toluene60%, butanone35%, propylene glycol methyl ether5%

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