Premium Eco Friendly Flat Bottom Pouch & Quad Seal Bag Manufacturer

The flat bottom pouch like a packaging box, allowing the pouch to stand effectively, while side gussets provide more space for labels and branding than traditional stand up pouches.

Stable Standing| Large Space | Accessories: Window, Ziplock, Air Valve

Premium Eco Friendly Flat Bottom Pouch & Quad Seal Bag Manufacturer ​

Biodegradable stand up pouches

Eco friendly stand up mylar bags

Biodegradable Stand Up Pouches

Eco friendly stand up pouch with window

Custom strong 3.5 cookies bags weed mylar bags wholesale

Eco friendly stand up pouch with zipper

Eco Friendly Kraft Paper Bags

Eco friendly stand up kraft paper pouch

TUV and Compostable Certified

Our Eco Friendly Stand Up Pouch is made by green plant (corn/potato starch). Approved by EN13432 & Compostable certifications.

Finding the Right Bag to Your Brand

Help your brand Eco Friendly Stand Up Pouch fulfill with the goal of sustainable development and the sense of the social responsibility.

One-Stop Professional Manufacturer

Up 18+ years rich experience in Eco Friendly Stand Up Pouch. We can offer: FREE Sample + FREE Design + FREE Professional Consulting Meeting + Visual Production + Shipment ( door to door) + 24 Hours After Sales Service For you.

YLT Packing good advantage about the flat bottom pouches and bags:

  • 100% eco biodegradable plastic materials, 100% eco biodegradable kraft paper materials or
  • 100% recycle PE-PE materials.
  • 1-12 colors workable in all sides ( front + back + side gusset + bottom gusset )
  • Accessories provide: air valve, double ziplock, tear ziplock, child proof ziplocl, slipper ziplock, 3D UV stamping, matte or glossy finish on surface, punching holes…
  • 100% FDA Food grade & BPA FREE eco materials
  • 5,000pcs for plate print ; 100pcs for digital print.
  • Customized size/ design ( we also have design team help you finish design)

General Information of Eco Friendly flat bottom pouches

1.MOQ: 50pcs for digital print; 10K by plate mould copperplate print.
2.Size: customized (offer how many gram of product you need, we also can suggest bag size)
3.Materials: Kraft Paper / PLA; OPP/CPP; PE-PE
4.Thickness: 2.5mils ~ 8mils (70mic ~ 200mic)
5.Print: Matte finish/ glossy finish/ matte +UV finish /3D stamp finish
6.Function: ziplock/ pucnhing hole/ tear notch/customized shape window/spout/valve/ fancy shape…
7.Good for: coffee bean, coffee powder, tea, dry food, pet food, daily product …

Sizes of Eco Friendly Stand Up Pouch

VolumeSize(suggest)MOQ(pcs)Delivery time


3.54’x 7.4’ +2.17’



4.72’x 8.1’ +2.36’



4.92’x 11.8’ +2.76’



6.89’x 12’ +3.94’



* (For Reference Only as different products should have different sizes even in same volume)

Are you finding a 100% Biodegradable or 100% Recycle Eco Flat Bottom Coffee Bags?

YLT Packing Eco Flat Bottom Pouches and Bags

 We are a manufacture with more than 18 years experience. We have been launched this eco bag in market since from 2019. It become very pop request in packaging bag market.


What we can offer:

Our 100% Compostable Packaging eco materials have the outstanding barrier performance.

Our eco flat bottom bag can be very closely to be conventional multi-substance plastic materials but it is made by plant-based green materials.

Oxygen Barrier: 20.65g/m2/day

Moisture Barrier: 9.48/m2/day

Self stable time: around 18 months under dry and no sunshine condition.

To make your coffee bean or coffee powder self-life longer and fresh: suggest add air valve on bag ( PLA one way degassing valve also biodegradable)

MOQ: 100pcs for digital print; 10K by plate mould copperplate print.

Lets contact us to get more details or have face to face meeting now…

Are spout pouches environmentally friendly-6


100% Eco Plant-based Sustainable Green Materials



Take From The Nature, Return To The Nature.

Corrosion process

*Decompost in 1 month

Corrosion process (2)

*Decompost in 3 month

Corrosion process (3)

*Decompost in 5 month

P.S: The results will be all affected by different environments, temperature, humidity, season, and soil conditions etc.

Don’t Let the Earth Abandon People, Stay Away from the White Pollution

As we all know, the natural environment is destroyed by human household garbage and white polluted plastic bags every second. What will happen to the earth when people disappear from the earth? There will be tens of billions of plastic bags left floating around the earth like tumbleweeds, and even after 10,000 years, most of them won’t disappear. In 100,000 years, plastic bags will still be found on Earth. These bags fall into the ocean, causing the poor birds in the sky and the poor turtles in the sea to eat and suffocate to death.

In recent years, many countries around the world have begun to “Forbid use of plastic packaging”, even into the law enforcement. Such as the European Union. People began to pursue the sustainable development with the earth,such as the eco friend bag.

Green represents life, full of hope, so derived from pure plant-based degradable and recyclable materials…

Professional Eco Friendly Stand Up Pouch ServiceFlat Bottom Pouch


1.Professional Design





Strict QC

4.Strict QC



Packaging proofing fee

6.Customer Feedback

The Production Process of Eco Friendly Flat Bottom Pouch

Eco Friendly Flat Bottom Pouch as a very large use of a kind of consumer goods, its use to People’s Daily life provides great convenience. Whether it is to go to the market to buy food, supermarket shopping, or buy clothes, buy shoes and so on can not be separated from its use. Although, the use of plastic packaging bags is very extensive, but many friends for its production process is ignorant. So do you know the production process of plastic packaging bags is what? The following food packaging bag manufacturers for you to introduce:

1. Raw Materials of Eco Friendly Flat Bottom Pouch

Select the raw material of the Eco Friendly Flat Bottom Pouch and determine the material to be used. As a professional manufacturer, we have a sales team of more than 30 people to provide one-stop service before, during and after sale. If it is difficult for you to choose the bag type and bag material thickness, you only need to tell us the products you pack, the product weight, special requirements, market and sales channels, we can provide you with professional packaging packaging recommendations (according to your target market, population, sales environment, climate, target price, competitors, etc.), one-stop to provide personalized packaging advice to you.

2. Printing of Eco Friendly Flat Bottom Pouch

Eco Friendly Flat Bottom Pouch Printing refers to making the text and pattern on the original manuscript into a printed copperplate, applying ink on the surface of the printing plate, transferring the text and text on the printing plate to the surface of the printed material through pressure, so as to accurately and substantially copy the same printed matter as the original manuscript. In general, printing is mainly divided into table printing and inside printing. The customer needs to provide the source document design draft, AI, PSD, PDF can be. Plastic packaging is different from CMYK in that it is printed according to the color number of a specific pantone color. With more than 1,000 Pantone color numbers, the color control is more precise and strict. We have a professional technician with more than 30 years of printing experience and 2 sets of computer automatic high-speed printing machines with a unit price of more than 250,000 dollars to ensure the quality of printing. By convenient network, the professional sales staff can realize the color check with customers face to face video, which can better meet the needs of different customers.
This process is the first important and strict process of the order, and QC department will control and check the printing color at the same time to pass the next process.

3. Laminated of Eco Friendly Flat Bottom Pouch

The basic principle of Eco Friendly Stand Up Pouch: each material has different advantages and disadvantages, through the medium (such as glue) two or more layers of materials together, so that the packaging film, bag to achieve better performance technology. This technique is called a “compound process” in the production process. Select the suitable environment-friendly glue according to the nature of the customer’s bag. Kraft packaging bags and plastic packaging bags, do not use the material requirements of the glue and formula ratio are not the same.

4. Ripening of Eco Friendly Flat Bottom Pouch

The purpose of curing of Eco Friendly Flat Bottom Pouch is to speed up the speed of glue curing between materials, that is, need to dry the composite glue in the drying room, built-in temperature meter. Hygrometer, alarm clock and dryer. The drying time of various bag types and materials of food packaging bags is not the same, but also related to the season, climate and humidity at that time. The drying time is generally 12-48 hours. This process has the QC department of technical personnel to test the degree of material ripening can be carried out after the next process.

5. Cutting of Eco Friendly Flat Bottom Pouch

Cut of Eco Friendly Flat Bottom Pouch the printed and composite materials into the specifications required by customers (width, length, organ width, etc., customized)

6. Bag making of Eco Friendly Flat Bottom Pouch

Will be printed, composite, slitted materials into all kinds of bags required by customers. Can make a variety of bag types: three side sealing bag, three-dimensional bag, eight side sealing bag, side organ bag, zipper bag and so on. At the same time, it will also drill holes (aircraft holes, disc holes, round holes, etc.) and add bone zipper and other synchronous. We have 6 bag-making machines with excellent operation. The computer machine controls the size and quantity of bags. In this process, QC workers will also control the bag manufacturing to meet customer requirements.

7. Quality control of Eco Friendly Flat Bottom Pouch

The quality control of Eco Friendly Flat Bottom Pouch mainly includes three aspects: pre-warehousing testing of raw materials, online testing of products, and pre-shipment inspection of products. The QC team of 15 people carries out quality inspection on the whole batch of orders according to each order and the special requirements of customers, not random inspection but one bag inspection, which can better meet the requirements of high quality and strict customers. This is the important reason why we have been developing more and more prosperous in the packaging industry for 18 years. Quality has always been our top priority. We have been insisting on the goal of making customers’ packaging bags more beautiful and personalized.

Eco Friendly Flat Bottom Pouch FAQ

Answer: It’s corn starch, potato starch, sugarcane which comes from green plants. After finish degradable,the PLA material of the eco friend packaging bags will come out with H2O, CO2. 100% no harmful for our environment. 

Answer: Customized Eco Friendly Flat Bottom Pouch order welcome. Let’s Support your Business Right Now, We will normally reply to your email within 24 hours

Answer:Our MOQ’s are some of the lowest in the industry. The MOQ of eco friend packaging bag is 10000pcs based on bag sizes.

Answer: Yes, Eco Friendly Flat Bottom Pouch stock free samples (10pcs) welcome. Also accept customized sample trial order. (sample time 18-21days)

Answer: The delivery date for Eco Friendly Flat Bottom Pouch orders depends on the quantity and style of bags. And We will with the fastest time to complete. orders depends on the quantity and style of bags. And We will with the fastest time to complete.

Answer: You can contact us by E-Mail: or by phone. We’ll give you the most promptly reply.

Answer: We are a factory, we are a leading packaging manufacturer of Eco Friendly Flat Bottom Pouch, welcome to visit our factory at any time.

Answer: 1.Quality is the No.1 priority.

2.We attach great importance to quality control from the very beginning of manufacturing.

3.Our factory has gained BSCI SGS, ISO, ROHS authentication.

Answer: Our payment term is : 30%deposit,70% before shipmen.T/T,western union,paypal,moneygram EX-Works, FOB, CFR and CIF, etc.

    And we accept L/C, T/T, Western Union, Paypal.    But Western Union would be slower than other methord. 

    If you pay with T/T, please kindly send us the receipt. We will make production as soon as we get it, it will save both us time.

Answer: Take photos of the problems of Eco Friendly Flat Bottom Pouch and send to us , we will make a satisfied solution for you within 24 hours after we confirm the problems.

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