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Inspection standard for qualified rate of vacuum packaging bags

Vacuum packaging bags are the most common type of bags in the food industry, and they dominate the market because of their great barrier to outside air. As the market pays more and more attention to the quality of plastic packaging bag products, packaging bag manufacturers have higher and higher requirements for airtightness and even retortability of plastic vacuum bags. It involves the quality inspection methods of vacuum packaging bags. Here we mainly explain how the vacuum packaging bag determines its pass rate. A reference to customer groups. The specific summary is as follows: 1. Check the appearance of the vacuum bag. The most intuitive check is whether the plastic packaging bag has obvious scratches; whether there are pinholes; whether there is printing pollution; whether the seal is firmly bonded. Vacuum packaging bags, tea packaging bags 2. Sealing and sealing strength inspection. The sealing performance of a vacuum bag is the key to whether the vacuum bag is qualified or not. It is also the key to the quality of the vacuum bag. To check the strength of the seal is generally to check the contents of the plastic bag. Or use a flat ruler to squeeze and slide the seal. See if there is a tear in the seal. 3. Check the plastic bag for cracks and pinholes. Leakage inspection generally recommends customers to carry out coloring penetration method for testing. The process is to add colo bag surface active agent into the vacuum bag, square the bag body on the filter paper, and observe whether the filter paper is polluted by colo liquid after 5-10 minutes, and there is no pollution. Then turn the bag body over for inspection. 4. Test the durability of the vacuum bag. The wear resistance test is generally carried out by the bag body drop method, and the plastic bag is placed at a certain height for the drop test. The height is determined according to the size and weight of the bag body. 5. Compression resistance testing of vacuum bags. This is simple, just use the heavy object extrusion method to test, put the plastic bag on the table, increase the weight to squeeze. Those that last for 3-10 minutes without damage are qualified products.

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