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Interpretation of the four points of proper breast milk preservation

Breast milk is the most ideal food for babies and can provide the best nutritional care for babies. Mothers should insist on exclusive breastfeeding until the baby is at least 6 months old. In the first 3 months of the baby’s life, feeding should be on demand, and the baby should be fed when he is hungry, 6-8 times a day or more; after the baby is 3 months old, it should be fed on time, every 3 hours. Whether feeding on demand or on time, it is best to feed your baby directly without expressing the milk to bottle-feed. Whether the baby is eating enough can be judged from the TA’s mood, urine output and growth curve. However, if you go out temporarily, or are going to return to work, or cannot breastfeed your baby in time for other reasons, then mothers should save breast milk in advance and prepare “rations” for the baby. For how to store breast milk, we have the following points Need to remind new mothers: what to store breast milk? Commonly used milk storage utensils include milk storage bags, milk storage cups and milk storage bottles, which can be purchased from many channels. When purchasing, you should pay attention to: ①Plastic milk storage containers are preferred. Because the active factors in breast milk are easily attached to glass or metal products, reducing the nutritional content of breast milk. ②Whether it is a breast pump used to collect breast milk or storage utensils, it must be cleaned before each use, and it is recommended to use hot water above 82 ℃ to sterilize for 5-10 minutes. How to store breast milk? After pumping out the milk, pour it into a milk storage bag or bottle. Squeeze out the air first, seal it, then mark the “production” date and capacity in a prominent place. It is recommended to divide the package according to the size of the baby’s appetite, 60ml-120ml/portion is more suitable, so as to avoid the baby’s food waste. If you need to freeze the storage, you can’t use the milk storage bottle, only the milk storage bag, but the milk storage bag should not be too full, because the frozen milk will expand, if the space is too small, the container will freeze and freeze easily. burst”. Note: After the milk storage bag is unsealed, do not put your hand into the bag or blow air into the bag, so as not to destroy the sterile environment in the bag and breed bacteria instead. Where is breast milk stored? How long can it last? The lower the storage temperature, the longer the storage time. Regarding the storage conditions and storage time, it is suggested in the “Dietary Guidelines for Chinese Residents 2016”: Tips: ① If conditions permit, it is recommended to store breast milk in a special refrigerator or freezer. If conditions do not permit, it is also necessary to ensure the hygiene of the refrigerator, clean and wipe regularly, and separate breast milk and other items as much as possible. ②It is best to put breast milk in the back of the refrigerator, not near the door, so as to maintain a stable temperature. How can I give my baby refrigerated or frozen breast milk? ①Frozen breast milk should be thawed naturally in the refrigerator in advance (no more than 24 hours), and then heated with water at about 42℃; if you are in a hurry to use frozen milk, you can use running water at about 42℃ to flush Warm breast milk. Refrigerated breast milk can be thawed as above. ② heated


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