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Introduction of Aseptic Packaging Bags

Aseptic packagingAseptic packaging bag technology, a packaging technology for filling and sealing in a sterile environment. Aseptic packaging bags were born in the last century40age, applied to60years, developed in70years, to90In the middle of the 1990s, dozens of foreign manufacturers have produced variousA company that produces aseptic packaging equipment. At present, the liquid food packaging in foreign developed countries, aseptic packaging bags have accounted for65%above, and more than5%rate of growth. From the initial introduction of foreign complete sets of aseptic equipment production lines andFrom packaging consumable materials to independent research and development, my country’s aseptic packaging bag technology has gone through a development process from scratch and gradually matured.The advantages of aseptic packaging bags are mainly reflected in the following aspects: 1.The best method for sterilization of packaged food can be selected according to the characteristics and requirements of the food itself. The purpose is to protect the color, flavor and nutritional components of the food in the best way.The product is protected from light, gas, odor and microorganisms, so that food does not need to add preservatives, transportation and storage do not need refrigeration, and its storage period can be extended, which is convenient for storage, transportation and sales. 2.The food and the container used in the aseptic packaging bag are sterilized separately to avoid the reaction between the food and the packaging container and reduce the penetration of the container components into the food. 3.It is suitable for automatic continuous production, with high production efficiency, energy saving and labor saving, which is conducive to reducing production costs. 4.Aseptic packaging bags are in line with the current trend of environmentally friendly packaging. Aseptic packaging materials use paper, which is easy to degrade and is conducive to protecting the environment. Due to the above advantages of aseptic packaging, this technology has been widely used in food, beverage, dairy products and other industries. Today, the vast majority of milk and more than half of fruit juices in developed countries are packaged aseptically.

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