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Introduction of common processes and special materials for food packaging bags!

In today’s business environment, if you want to buy a good product, first of all, the packaging bag is very important. Generally, a product that sells well has three characteristics: beautiful appearance, original and personalized, and consistent with the brand positioning. So how to reflect the difference between your own packaging bags and other packaging bags, the most important way is to reflect the process and materials; here are a few for everyone! Food bag, food packaging bag aluminum washing: It is to remove or wash off the local aluminized layer on the film. At present, the aluminum wash bag is one of the packaging with the highest printing requirements and the most beautiful design effect at home and abroad, and it is also a more popular and advanced anti-counterfeiting packaging in the world. For example, it is very popular in Japan and is widely used in the product packaging of food, clothing, electronics, and toys; however, there are still relatively few domestic applications. There is a clear difference between the washed aluminum bag and the ordinary composite aluminized bag: the ordinary composite aluminized bag is that the whole bag or the front (or back) of the entire bag is composited with the aluminized film. The aluminum washing bag is different. As long as you want which part of the bag has the luster effect of aluminum and which part is transparent and visible, you can design and produce it, instead of being limited to a certain position or a certain regular pattern. Pistachio packaging bag (washed aluminum) UV: A layer of bright film with very light and artistic effect is formed on the surface of the packaging bag. This process can well highlight the layers and contours of the graphic part, making the packaging bag look good. The three-dimensional sense greatly enhances the visual aesthetics of the packaging container! Flaxseed Packaging Bag (UV Process) Hot Stamping/Hot Stamping (Bright Light Effect): Hot Stamping or Hot Stamping is the hot stamping of anodized aluminum on the material at high temperature, and the hot stamping or hot stamping is a bright effect. Flour Packaging Bag (Bronzing) Silver Printing/Gold Printing (Matte Effect): Printing Silver or Printing Gold is printed on the material with metal ink spot color, and Printing Silver or Printing Gold has a matte effect. Rice bag (printed gold) Leakage aluminum: According to the design pattern or text, the inner aluminum foil is leaked out during printing. The visual effect is similar to that of hot silver, but the texture is slightly worse, and the cost is relatively lower. Camellia packaging bag (leaching aluminum) Window opening: Open a transparent window on the packaging bag, so that customers can intuitively see the products contained in the packaging bag, which is easy to arouse the customer’s appetite and desire to buy. Kraft paper packaging bag (open window) Laser: The packaging container can show different colors with the change of observation angle, with obvious dynamic color change effect, and can produce rainbow ring effect under concentrated light. There is a certain anti-counterfeiting effect. It is unique in many commodity counters and is very popular. Salt Baked Cashew Nut Packaging Bag (Laser) Bright Film: One of the common materials, also called PET film, is a packaging film with comprehensive performance. It has good transparency and luster; it has good air tightness and fragrance retention. Chicken essence packaging bag (bright film) Matte film: The surface effect of the film is layered fog. The reason for this state is that it is matte and frosted during the lamination process, so it looks more artistic. And it feels bumpy to the touch, not as smooth as a light film. Generally, the above two processes are used to improve the texture of the finished product. Some of them also use local lamination in order to meet the needs of printing. Dry fruit packaging bag (matte film) Brushed film: The surface of the film reflects the different gloss effects of matte and high gloss, which is easy to cause viewpoints and promote product sales. The most common ones are betel bags and so on. Wolfberry packaging bag (drawn film) 3D film: The surface of the film is composed of countless small squares, and the inside of the square is a circular concave-convex groove, which can create a strong 3D stereoscopic effect. Gives a visual illusion! Tea packaging bag (3d film) Glitter film: Glitter film is a new type of environmentally friendly material using PP material. It is a widely used product with glitter effect. It is similar to glitter powder, so the visual effect is very good. Strong, the product shimmers in the sun. Due to the shooting light, the shiny effect cannot be seen, and the actual product effect is better! Mooncake Packaging Bag (Glitter Film)

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