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Introduction of PCV materials and what are the purposes?

Introduction of PCV materials and what are the purposes?

PVC film introduction:

The full name of PVC material is Polyvinylchlorid, and the main component is PVC, moreover also with the other ingredients to increase material heat resistance and toughness, etc.

 Currently, PVC film is one of the most popular material in the world. And it is also a kind of widely used synthetic material.

In the use of PVC film in global ranked second in all kinds of synthetic materials. According to statistics, in 1995, only for a year, the number of PVC film production in Europe by about 5 million tons, while consumption of 5.3 million tons.

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PVC film material and usage:


Two kinds of hard and soft PVC material also points, in which rigid PVC accounts for about 65%, in the market of soft PVC accounts for about 35%.Soft PVC is commonly used in the ceiling, leather, or the surface of the floor, because this kind of softening agent is contained in PVC, so easy to brittle material, and not easy to save, also make its use range was limited. Rigid PVC excluding softener, so has good toughness, easy molding, not brittle, and non-toxic pollution-free, save time, so has a very wide range of USES and development value.


The essence of the PVC is a kind of vacuum suction plastic film, commonly used in all kinds of packing surface, so can also be called decorative film and film, in building materials, pharmaceutical and packaging industry often appear. But in the building materials industry accounted for the proportion is about 60%, the second is the packaging industry.

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