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Introduction of stand up pouch

What is a stand-up bag? A stand-up bag refers to a flexible packaging bag with a horizontal support structure at the bottom, which does not rely on any support and can stand on its own regardless of whether the bag is opened or not. The English name of the stand-up bag originated from FranceThimoniercompany,1963FranceThimoniercompanyCEOMalus Duye(M.LouisDoyen)Mr.’sDoypackThe patent application for the stand-up pouch was successful, and since thendoypackIt has become the official name of the stand-up pouch and has been used to this day. to20century90The era has been widely recognized in the American market, and then popularized all over the world.The stand-up pouch is a relatively novel form of packaging, which has advantages in improving product quality, strengthening the visual effect of shelves, portability, ease of use, preservation and sealability. Stand up pouch byPET/foil/PET/PEThe structure is laminated and can also have2layer,3Layers and other specifications and materials, depending on the different products packaged, can add an oxygen barrier protective layer as needed to reduce the oxygen permeability and prolong the shelf life of the product.Stand-up pouch packaging is mainly used in fruit juice drinks, sports drinks, bottled drinking water, absorbable jelly, condiments and other products. In addition to the food industry, the application of some washing products, daily cosmetics, medical supplies and other products has gradually increased .So far, stand-up bags are basically divided into the following five types: 1.Ordinary stand up bag:And the general form of stand-up pouch, which adopts the form of four-sealed edges and cannot be re-closed and repeatedly opened. This kind of stand-up pouch is generally used in the industrial supplies industry.2.Stand-up pouch with suction nozzle:The stand-up pouch with the suction nozzle is more convenient to pour or absorb the contents, and can be re-closed and re-opened at the same time, which can be considered as the combination of the stand-up pouch and the ordinary bottle mouth. This kind of stand-up pouch is generally used in the packaging of daily necessities, and is used to contain liquid, colloidal and semi-solid products such as beverages, shower gels, shampoos, ketchup, edible oil, jelly, etc., such as the famous Xizhilang.CiCiWait.3.Stand up pouch with zipper:Self-supporting pouches with zippers can also be re-closed and re-opened. Since the zipper form is not closed and the sealing strength is limited, this form is not suitable for encapsulating liquids and volatile substances. According to the different edge sealing methods, it is divided into four edge sealing and three edge sealing. Four edge sealing means that the product packaging has a layer of ordinary edge sealing in addition to the zipper seal when it leaves the factory. The zipper is then used to achieve repeated sealing and opening, which solves the disadvantage that the zipper edge sealing strength is small and is not conducive to transportation. The three-sealed edge is directly sealed with a zipper edge, which is generally used to hold lightweight products. Self-supporting bags with zippers are generally used to package some light solids, such as candy, biscuits, dried fruits, etc., but four-sealed self-supporting bags can also be used to package heavier products such as rice and cat litter.4.Imitation mouth type stand-up bag:Mouth imitation

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