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Introduction to the printing process of composite packaging bags

In the process of printing composite packaging bags, the printing composite process is often used. Surface corona treatment of tea packaging bags, aluminum foil bags, plastic packaging bags and plastic films: Before printing and lamination, the surface of the substrates PE, PP, aluminum foil, etc. must be corona treated to improve the printing lamination firmness and achieve the desired effect. , to ensure that the critical surface tension during printing and compounding is greater than 38 mN/m; for the composite film used for cooking, the thickness of the inner substrate should be greater than 70 μ to ensure sufficient heat sealing strength. Composite packaging bag process: composite film can improve various characteristics of a single film, and can improve the protection of the contents, including moisture resistance, oil resistance, barrier properties, shading properties and air tightness. food bags, food packaging bags, vacuum packaging bags

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