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Is it feasible to use the old and new versions of food packaging bags alternately?

In the process of selling old products, in order to adapt to the market, we will adjust the pre-sold food packaging. During the replacement process, we will encounter some new problems, such as content modification, the use of new and old inner and outer bags, and so on. Food bags, food packaging bags 1. The problem of replacing a single outer food packaging It is feasible to replace the old and new packaging of food packaging bags, but if there is a change in the content, we must pay attention to it. A little carelessness may violate the law. Attention should be paid to changes in content. According to the Food Safety Law, for example, the nutrient composition table and the standard terms of nutrient composition function claims shall not be deleted, added or merged, let alone written arbitrarily. Except for nutritional ingredients, the advertisements on the printed page shall not contain false or exaggerated content, and shall not involve the functions of disease prevention and treatment. 2. The problem of supporting the use of new and old food packaging In the process of sales, pre-sold food packaging will inevitably be adjusted, as long as we follow the relevant provisions of the Food Safety Law, use the old food outer packaging bags and new inner packaging The bag is feasible, but in order to have a good user experience, it is necessary to avoid the inconsistent printing content of the inner and outer bags of the pre-sale package, which will give users a strange feeling! Therefore, it is best to replace the food packaging bag with matching. For more questions about food packaging bags, you can consult customer service, welcome your call!

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