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Is it good for tea kraft paper packaging bags?

We all know that tea has strong water absorption, it is easily affected by the outside world and becomes wet and deteriorated, and its aroma is highly volatile. Easy to fade with storage time. Improper storage of tea leaves can result in damage to the quality of tea leaves. Therefore, packaging plays an important role in the storage of tea. In addition, the packaging should be selected according to the characteristics of the tea, and the packaging material should be waterproof, with good airtightness, and can reflect the grade of the tea. Kraft paper is a kind of paper with tough, water-resistant properties, and has certain moisture-proof and anti-deformation capabilities. Pack the tea with kraft paper, then put lime or charcoal in the middle of the small cloth bag, seal it and store it in a dry and cool place, avoid direct sunlight, and replace the cloth bag every 1-2 months, so that the tea can be stored for a long time. Not spoiled. Is the tea kraft paper package good? After the above introduction, you must have some understanding of the benefits of kraft paper for tea packaging. Friends who want to know other packaging knowledge, I believe that you can find the answer you want in YLTpacking packaging.

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