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Is it good to store Pu’er tea in a kraft paper sealed bag?

Pu-erh tea is known as an antique tea that can be drunk. Pu-erh tea is constantly changing over time, surprising and aspirational! Pu’er tea gets more fragrant with age, but do you store Pu’er tea? Is it good to store Pu’er tea in a kraft paper sealed bag? The correct way of storing tea will make Pu-erh tea better and better, but if you store it incorrectly, then your Pu-erh tea may be lost.Try not to pack Pu-erh tea in ziplock bags or plastic bags, as it will absorb the smell of plastic for a long time. You should pay special attention to this. Nowadays, more teas are packed in plastic ziplock bags. If you are afraid of getting wet, you can use kraft paper ziplock bags or cotton paper ziplock bags instead. bag!This kind of kraft paper bag has a very small taste and is available in various specifications for holding tea. It is a very good choice and it is also moisture-proof.Kraft Paper Pu’er Tea Packaging Bag1.Never keep the tea leaves sealed, the airtight storage is fatal to the transformation of the tea leaves.It should be emphasized that”seal”, but also to properly ventilate. For example, the weather will clear after sealing for a period of time. After a day or two of clear weather, we can open the ziplock bag for ventilation.7-8Close after hours. After a period of time after the rainy season, the humidity dropped, and we opened the ziplock bag and took it out for natural storage.2.Pu-erh tea can be stored in airtight bagsIf we are afraid that the air humidity in the south is too high, we should use a sealed bag to cover the tea during the rainy season, and we must ensure that it is completely sealed, otherwise the water cannot evaporate in the bag, and it will soon form Mildew.Pu’er tea preservation skills1,temperatureThe temperature has a great influence on the storage of Pu-erh tea, and the temperature of the storage environment is generally20-30Between ℃, this is the best transformation temperature, too high or too low will affect the next transformation taste of Pu-erh tea.2,humidityIn addition to temperature, it is also necessary to ensure the humidity of the entire space, the relative humidity is maintained at65%—75%between. If the weather is too dry, you need to use a humidifier to properly increase the air humidity. Or use a damp towel to wipe the floor, which has both dust removal and humidification effects. If the weather is very hot and humid, the tea leaves are easy to absorb the moisture in the air, thus getting damp and causing mildew, so pay attention to ventilation and dehumidification.3,ventilationPu-erh tea is a post-fermented tea. During the storage process, the inside of the tea leaves will undergo a slow transformation process, and the polyphenols will undergo oxidation reactions with active enzymes. The beneficial bacteria are rapidly reproduced, and the harmful bacteria are killed at the same time. This process requires the presence of oxygen, so it is best to store Pu’er tea in a dry and ventilated place at home. The oxygen rich in the circulating air is conducive to the reproduction of microorganisms in the tea, and is conducive to the transformation of the substances contained in Pu’er tea itself.(Pay attention to proper ventilation, do not put it in the air vent)


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