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Is it harmful to reuse plastic packaging bags?

Plastic packaging bags are a packaging method that facilitates people’s lives. Although they bring convenience to our lives, they also have some bad effects on the environment. Therefore, the issue of recycling and reusing plastic packaging bags has aroused the attention of the general public. Among them are some packaging bags that are directly used again, which will have a certain impact on the human body. Mineral water bottles and edible oil barrels made of plastic products have certain requirements in texture and must be manufactured in accordance with relevant standards. However, if those manufacturers reuse these used mineral water bottles or edible oil barrels, it will endanger people’s health. Remember not to use plastic bottles of vinegar. Over time, the chemical molecules of plastic products will react with vinegar to dissolve toxic benzene substances, which will cause harm to the human body after consumption. Our commonly used plastic packaging bag products are mainly made of polyethylene, polypropylene and polyester. In addition, there is another kind of PVC, which is also harmful to the human body. Plastic lunch boxes resemble plastic bags when exposed to heat. Heating in a microwave will speed up the precipitation of plastic chemicals. Shenzhen yltpacking advises everyone: Do not use plastic bags or plastic lunch boxes to heat food directly in the microwave oven. The national standard for plastic shopping bags is not less than 0.025mm. If it is lower than this standard, it is recommended that you do not use it. In particular, some plastic packaging bags for breakfast, some of which are very thin, may release chemicals in the plastic into the food once it encounters hot food, which will have a certain impact on people’s health.

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