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Is it really good to remove food packaging bags and change to SC?

Since October 2015, the state has stipulated that the QS blue logo on the original food packaging should be changed to the SC code form, and the QS blue logo should not appear on the product packaging until October 2018. ? Remember when people started paying attention to food safety a few years ago? Since the Sanlu milk powder incident, everyone has realized the importance of food safety more, and the state has also taken further measures to rectify the chaos of food production enterprises. One of these, which everyone knows very well and is extremely important, is the blue QS production license mark on the outer packaging of the product. QS certification is divided into two categories, including food production licenses and industrial production licenses, food packaging bags Printing this logo on the top and then adding the corresponding number indicates that the manufacturer has passed a series of inspections and acceptances such as hygiene, raw materials, and production procedures by the relevant state departments, and can carry out food production and processing operations, and the products produced are conside qualified. . I still remember when I knew about this thing, whenever I go to the supermarket or shopping mall to buy packaged products, I have to look for this sign on it. I believe many people like me have been used to it for so many years. So here comes the question. According to the new “Administrative Measures for Food Production Licensing”, food produced on and after October 1, 2018 shall not continue to use the original packaging and labels and the “QS” mark, and shall be replaced by the “SC” mark. Code, State Food and Drug Administration Order No. 16 “Administrative Measures for Food Production License” (effective from October 1, 2015.) Among them, Chapter IV License Management Article 29 stipulates: Food production license number It consists of SC (the abbreviation of “production” in Chinese Pinyin) and 14 Arabic numerals. The numbers from left to right are: 3-digit food category code, 2-digit province (autonomous region, municipality) code, 2-digit city (prefecture) code, 2-digit county (district) code, 4-digit sequence code, 1-digit check code . Since the state makes regulations, of course, is based on stricter management of production enterprises, but as ordinary consumers, it is difficult for us to read the small words above when buying food, and we are used to more directly reading the printed words. The big logo above can more intuitively distinguish whether the product is qualified or not. I wonder if the newly stipulated SC code also has a more intuitive logo to display? On the products of enterprises that have replaced the SC logo on the market, we only see the changed code, but no specific logo. [Food bag] vacuum bag, tea bag

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