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Is “sugar free” on grocery bags really free of sugar?

1. Advantages of sugar-free food The main advantages of food bags and food packaging bags of sugar-free food are that it is low in calories and blood sugar rises slowly, which is very beneficial for people who lose weight and diabetics. Now people advocate “low-calorie” “Life, see it as a healthy life philosophy. Therefore, sugar-free foods are also very popular. 2. “Sugar-free” foods are not really sugar-free. The sugar-free foods we usually buy are not without sugar, but in small or minimal amounts. As long as the food bag contains the words “aspartame”, “cyclamate”, “dextrin”, “maltose”, “starch syrup”, “corn syrup”, etc., these ingredients can be absorbed by the body It is eventually converted into glucose, so when purchasing sugar-free foods, you should pay attention to check the nutritional composition table, and try to choose oligosaccharides and sugar alcohol products. 3. Requirements for “sugar-free” food printed on pre-packed food bags Not all food packaging can be printed with “sugar-free” logo, and some conditions need to be met, according to relevant regulations, claiming “sugar-free”, “Sugar-free”, the following conditions must be met: the sugar content per 100g of solid food or per 100ml of liquid food does not exceed 0.5g. Sugar here refers to: monosaccharide or disaccharide. When the product meets the “sugar-free” condition, we can mark the words “sugar-free” or “sugar-free” anywhere on the label, and the content of sugar must be marked in the nutrition list, if the content of carbohydrates is 0, the sugar content can be omitted.

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