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Is the aluminum foil bag easy to oxidize in the air for a long time?

The oxidation of aluminum foil bags not only reduces the quality, but also generates heat during the oxidation process, spontaneous combustion occurs, and some accidents occur. Food bags, vacuum packaging bags Chemical oxidation of aluminum foil bags refers to the contact of oxygen in the air or the oxygen released by other substances, resulting in chemical changes. Prolonged exposure to sunlight can discolor or harden the product, resulting in oxidation. There are many products that are easy to oxidize, such as some chemical raw materials, fiber products, rubber products, oil products and fiber products such as cotton, linen and silk. Tea packaging bags, composite packaging bags Oils and oils are spontaneously oxidized when exposed to the air, changing their properties and breath. This oxidation is generally carried out in an auto-oxidative manner, that is, in a three-stage chain reaction of initiation, propagation and termination. Even adding antioxidants does not prevent oxidation, delays the induction period of the reaction and reduces the reaction rate. plastic bag

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