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Kimchi Packaging Bag Design

In recent years, China’s dietary structure has been changing constantly, which has also led to the continuous increase in the consumption of pickled kimchi. Among them, kimchi products account for the largest share, which has driven the growth of the entire pickled kimchi industry.There are two very important factors why the domestic pickled kimchi industry can have such a large growth rate:First of all, as the pace of life continues to accelerate, especially for people living in first- and second-tier cities, the pace of life determines the way of eating. Consumers will go to the market to buy pickled kimchi, rather than choose to make their own kimchi, market kimchi is obviously more convenient.Secondly, citizens pay more attention to brand awareness and food safety, and the state has also set standard requirements for the industry. Enterprises must strictly control product quality. Pickled kimchi with big brands and quality assurance will be more and more concerned by citizens.As a packaging manufacturer, we take the raw materials and taste of the product as the starting point, put the user’s attention on the most eye-catching position of the kimchi packaging, and use a transparent window to allow consumers to see the actual product, so that the kimchi will look more attractive. Appetite, this will attract the attention of consumers in the first time.The following will introduce the design highlights of a kimchi packaging bag: 1.visual designFor the packaging of products, the main brand is prominent, and the design with the brand as the core identification is the development direction of modern packaging design. The layout is mainly eye-catching, and no individual brand is used. It is displayed in the form of a window, because the attractiveness of the product itself is the best pattern, which is more conducive to allowing consumers to remember the brand and see the product itself more intuitively. 2.Font mark integrationThe original brand logo lacked recognition and was not suitable for enlarged use, and it was difficult for consumers to remember it. Therefore, its brand identity was redesigned, and the rounded fonts were very reasonable and beautiful with the round logo of the corporate identity.The fonts for flavors have also been redesigned. Since kimchi is a traditional food, the style is positioned as a calligraphy font, which has more local ethnic characteristics. The vigorous and full font effect, coupled with the vegetable cartoons of each taste around it, make the whole combination a smart image and have a strong visual impact. 3.pattern integrationThe whole packaging is mainly concise, and the text label is always used as the first visual process to simplify the pattern. In addition to the sketch graphics matched with the font label, the second is the use of modern techniques to express the effect of illusory and distant mountains. The vegetable raw materials symbolizing kimchi come from green and pollution-free places, achieving the effect of simplicity and generosity but with connotation.Due to the wide variety of kimchi brands, in addition to the difference in the fonts of different flavors, each flavor is displayed with the corresponding color to achieve different but highly unified, which is conducive to the establishment and promotion of the brand.After careful planning and design, the kimchi was freshly released, and it achieved good sales performance as soon as it went on the market. Customers are very pleased.

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