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Knowledge of gravure bags printing

As the most commonly used printing technology, gravure printing is widely used in the industry. Today, YLTpacking plastic bags will take you to understand some related knowledge of gravure printing. 1. The original film of gravure printing: including BOPP, PVC, KOP, CPP, aluminum foil, etc. Substrates for printing to reproduce color patterns. 2. Ink required for gravure printing: to form a durable colored image on the printed material. 3. Solvent for gravure printing: Solvent is an important part of gravure ink. Its function in the ink is to dissolve the resin, give the ink suitable fluidity and viscosity, adjust the drying speed of the ink during the printing process, and wet the surface of the printed film. Improve its absorbency, thereby enhancing the adhesion of the ink to the film. 4. Copper plate for gravure printing: Gravure plate roller, also known as copper plate, is a cylindrical plate with a very smooth surface processed from metal material copper. The gravure roll is the main tool used to transfer the text and images on the original to the printed material. YLTpacking plastic bag is a professional plastic packaging production technology, sincerely welcome customers to come to discuss cooperation!

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