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Main materials for food packaging bags

Now the main materials used in the production of food packaging bags are PP and PE materials. Of course, according to the needs of the packaged products, the materials needed are also different. The packaging materials shall be selected according to the packaged products. For example, ordinary food can be made of OPP/PE materials and then made into composite bags for product packaging. For products requiring high temperature cooking, PA/PE or CPP materials can be selected. For foods requiring refrigeration, PA/PE or CPP materials can be selected. For special products, multi-layer composite bags or aluminum foil bags can be selected. Each of the above materials has the functions of puncture resistance, oxidation resistance, easy printing, high transparency, moisture resistance, oil resistance, etc. Combining the characteristics of the above materials, we can make the most suitable packaging bag for our products. Note: PP: Polypropylene. PE: polyethylene. OPP: O-phenylphenol, o-phenylphenol. PA: Polyamide. CPP: cast polypropylene film.

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