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Main performance characteristics of aluminum foil composite film

1. The aluminum foil composite film is transparent, soft, comfortable to handle, and self adhesive. 2. It has outstanding elasticity and high elongation; Puncture resistance, stress cracking resistance, cold resistance and low temperature heat sealing are better than polyethylene. 3. Corrosion resistance of strong alkali and weak acid. 4. The aluminum foil composite film has good moisture resistance and air tightness. 5. It has poor heat resistance and is easy to be eroded by organic solvents such as strong acids, and can be soluble in aromatic or chlorojing. Because of its good elasticity, the aluminum foil composite film is firmly suitable for the winding packaging of the pallet. Because of its good low-temperature heat sealing property, it is often used as the heat sealing property of composite materials. Because of its good self adhesion, it is often used as stretch packaging or entangled wrapping packaging. Aluminum foil composite film is generally used for food packaging due to its good heat resistance and sealing property

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