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Manufacturers produce composite aluminum foil bags

There are many composite packaging bags, and there are at least two types of aluminum foil bags: aluminized moisture-proof bags and pure aluminum moisture-proof bags. We will briefly introduce two kinds of aluminum foil bags for you. The specific knowledge is as follows: food bags and food packaging bags. Composite aluminum foil bags are generally divided into two types: one is that PE and aluminum foil are combined together. There is also a combination of PE, aluminum foil and nylon. The bag can be evacuated, resistant to high temperature cooking at 121 degrees, and can be refrigerated. Aluminized bags have poor light shielding properties, while pure aluminum bags have good light shielding properties. Vacuum packaging bags, simple identification methods of tea packaging bags, put the bag in front of the light or sunlight, and see through the bag that the light is aluminized, but the aluminum foil is invisible. Composite packaging bag, plastic packaging bag

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