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Many grocery bags use airtight zippers, are they any different?

Whether on the shelves of supermarkets or in convenience stores, we can see that a lot of food packaging will add a sealed zipper. It is sealed and stored, so that it will not affect the taste of the food due to moisture when eating it next time, and increase the user’s experience of the product. Therefore, many businesses choose to make food zipper bags. So what’s the difference between a food zipper bag? How do we choose in the process of customization? There are actually two types of food sealing zippers. One is the “double-sided zipper”. The sealing strips on both sides are heat-sealed with the inside of the packaging bag. When in use, you only need to tear off the heat-sealed seal. The left sealing strip of the bag can be pulled to the right with a little force. Even if the packaging is not heat-sealed during the production process, the double-sided zipper will play a double-sealing role, which undoubtedly adds an important role to the quality of our products. guarantee! Of course we don’t want that to happen either. (Bilateral zipper opening method) The other is “single side zipper”, only one side of the sealing strip is heat-sealed with the inner layer of the packaging bag. Usually we choose the back of the packaging bag as the fitting part of the sealing zipper. Unlike the double-sided zipper, an opening needs to be opened from the outside during use, which not only ensures the sealing function but also does not damage the bag. Improve the overall sense of the packaging bag. However, if it is not heat-sealed during the production process, the single-sided zipper bag will not be able to play a protective role like the double-sided zipper bag. (Single-side zipper opening method) The single-side zipper bag is mainly used in the bag type with eight-side seal. For example, when some high-end products and businesses pay more attention to the integrity of the bag, it is more recommended to use a single-side zipper bag, such as eight-side sealed tea bags. Packaging bags, eight-side sealing candy packaging bags, eight-side sealing pet food packaging bags, etc. The double-sided zipper is the most used type of sealing zipper we have seen, mainly used on three-side seals and stand-up bags. food bags, food packaging bags

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