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mask packaging bag National standards for face masks

National light industry mask implementation standard: QB/T 2872 (paste mask, gel mask, mask powder, non-woven mask sticker, crystal mask) This is the national inspection standard, and it must be marked on the mask packaging bag to be qualified product, otherwise it cannot be sold. Contents: 1. Sensory index 1.1. The appearance should be consistent with the color and luster of the sample. 1.1.1. Inspection method: Take the sample for visual observation at room temperature and under non-direct sunlight. 2. Inspection 2.1. pH value 2.1.1. Quality index: pH value 3.5~8.5 2.1.2. Inspection method: squeeze out the water or viscous liquid in the film, and measure it according to the method in GB/T13531.1 (dilution). Law). 2.2. Lead content (calculated as Pb) 2.1.2. Quality index: ≤40mg 2.1.3 Inspection method: Measure according to the method specified in GB/T5009.74. 2.3. Arsenic content (calculated as As) 2.3.1 Quality index: ≤10mg 2.3.2 Inspection method: Measure according to the method specified in GB/T5009.76. 2.4. Mercury content (calculated as Hg) 2.4.1. Quality index: ≤1 mg 2.4.1. Inspection method: measure according to the method specified in GB/T 5009.17. Composite packaging bag, aluminum foil bag, plastic packaging bag

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