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Material combination of heterosexual bag, R bag and organ bag

1、 R bag, the materials used generally include: OPP, OPP+CPP, OPP+VMCPP1. Elevator bag is subdivided into: elevator envelope bag: there is a card head and letter seal, and the envelope mouth is the place where adhesive is applied. Elevator flat bag: there is a card head, there is no letter seal, and the bottom is flat. 2. Flat bag has no card head, and there is no letter seal. 3. Single envelope bag is not a bag, but one by one. 4. The upper opening envelope bag is opened under the card head, one cover is extended, and adhesive is applied Irregular bags are not usually square in shape, but some heart shaped and round shaped bags. The materials used generally include: OPP+CPP, PET+CPP, OPP+VMCPP 3、 The organ bag is divided into a bottom organ bag (similar to an upright bag, that is, the bottom is folded in) and a side organ bag. The side organ bag is a bag with two sides folded in and can be opened after loading. The side organ bag is generally a side organ middle sealing bag, that is, the side is folded, and the back is also sealed in the middle.

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