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Material composite classification of vacuum packaging bags

We have said that most of the packaging bag products are composite packaging bags, and vacuum packaging bags are no exception. What kinds of composite bags materials are generally used for vacuum packaging bags? Today we will talk about the composite classification of vacuum packaging bags: 1. PA/PE material, nylon material plus PE, high flexibility and sealing performance. 2. PA/RCPP material, the vacuum packaging bags of these two materials are transparent vacuum bags of retort resistance level. 3. PET/PE material, use PET material instead of nylon, generally considering its lower cost. 4. PET/RCPP material, retort-resistant transparent vacuum bag, low cost. The above are all two-composite vacuum packaging bags, and three-compound and four-compound vacuum packaging bags are also used in life. So how do they fit together? 1. PET/PA/PE material, transparent vacuum three-composite bag, high flexibility and high cost. 2. PET/AL/RCPP material, non-transparent vacuum three-composite bag, low flexibility, composite aluminum foil layer has texture, high cost. 3. PA/AL/RCPP material, non-transparent vacuum packaging bag, using nylon film instead of PET film, which increases the flexibility of the bag, is not easy to break, and the cost is higher than Type 2. 4. PET/PA/AL/RCPP material, four-composite vacuum packaging is not very common in the market, and it is mostly used for product packaging with special requirements. It is the highest level vacuum packaging bag. Vacuum bags, tea bags


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