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Matters needing attention in the design of plastic flexible packaging bags

Matters needing attention in the design of plastic flexible packaging1,aluminum-Plastic flexible packaging, aluminum-Paper flexible packaging: due to opacity, it can be considered according to the conventional color 2, Single-layer polyethylene packaging: Since it is transparent, you can consider using the color of the content as a complementary color for printing. The color of the content can be used as a pattern background, or as an embellishment color, depending on your design style. 3, The color of liquid items can be used as the background color of flexible packaging, such as: milk, soy milk, juice, etc. 4, The color of solid small particle items can also be used as the background color of flexible packaging, such as: coffee, monosodium glutamate, etc. 5, The color of solid and large particles is not suitable for the background color of flexible packaging. For example, dried fruit, it is recommended to leave a transparent window on the packaging, or print a full version of opaque color on one side, and only print the description on the back to let the contents. Transparent and visible. 6, The barcode must have a background color with obvious contrast, and the content cannot be used as the background, so as not to be read by the barcode reader. 7There are no tough rules for text, as long as it is guaranteed that the contact surface with food is not printed, the artisticization of text is the space for design to play. 8, In the case of as much as possible, using more colors will make it look more realistic, but the cost will go up. Generally, at least four sets of film, that is, four colors, are required. It is to use seven-color printing, of course, the premise is that the production cost can be afforded. 9, The color of the text is not listed separately, and it is attributed to other patterns that are published together. 10, the size of the text: the product name can be larger, but it depends on the size of the packaging bag, and it can also be artistically processed, that is, some text deformation and the like. 11, the description text can be smaller, but the minimum cannot be smaller than2.5mm, otherwise you can’t see 12, All text should have a larger contrast with the background color so that it can be clearly read. 13, Lubai and other issues have no tough regulations, and they also belong to Fan Tao of design creativity.

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