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Matters needing attention in vacuum bag plate making!

Plate making is an indispensable process before printing packaging bags. Through plate making and printing, vacuum bags can be made more beautifully, but what should be paid attention to when making plates? How to solve these problems? 1. Small dots, small characters, and thin lines are washed out. This is because the exposure time is not enough. We should consider increasing the exposure time. The printing and packaging washing time should not be too long, and the pressure of the brush is too large. Pay attention to shortening the washing time. And adjust the pressure of the brush. 2. The washing depth of the same printing plate is inconsistent. When washing the printing plate, we must pay attention that the printing machine is not too hot, and carefully check whether the ventilation and cooling system are faulty, the intensity of the printing lamp is uneven or the opening is not synchronized. , to replace all lamps at the same time; if the washing brush is not parallel or the action is unbalanced, the pressure and level of the washing brush can be adjusted. 3. Small dots are lost during printing. Due to insufficient front or back exposure, the problem of small dots being lost during printing is easy to occur. We can solve the problem by increasing the main exposure or back exposure time. The original design exceeds the range of flexo reproduction capabilities. Improve the original design to fit within the flexo technology range for color packaging. 4. The image part is blurry. This is because the film is defective. We can carefully check whether the color printing packaging image on the film is clear; sometimes we use the offset film for flexo printing by mistake. flexo film. 5. The blank part of the printing plate is blocked. This is because of the exposure. We should correctly control the back exposure time, and try to shorten the main exposure time on the premise of reproducing the small characters and thin lines of the color printing package. Poor contact between the plate and the film will also cause the blank part of the printing plate to be blocked. It should be ensured that the vacuum system works normally, and the air between the plate and the film should be driven out by rollers. For the uneven printing of the shallow-level version, the following measures can be taken: Appropriately reduce the volatilization speed of the solvent and increase the slow-drying solvent. Adjust the temperature and humidity of the printing workshop to control the viscosity of the ink within the normal range. Food bags, food packaging bags choose better quality ink and printing plate cylinder. As a vacuum bag manufacturer, what we have to do is to meet the high requirements of various industries from the quality of packaging bags, and strive to create a new reputation for our own business. Only in this way can we achieve real success. [Foil bag]

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