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Matters needing attention when purchasing vacuum rice packaging bags

Rice is one of the main grains in China, and it is also one of our supplementary energy sources for three meals a day. With the accelerated pace of life, people often find some fast food casually because they are busy with work. The time for cooking has become less and less, and the amount of rice is not used much. This causes some troubles for people. If you buy too much rice, you can’t eat it all, and you can’t keep it for too long, otherwise it will easily get wet and deteriorate and waste it! Vacuum rice packaging bags just solve this pain point. The vacuum rice packaging bag is mainly composed of PA/PE plastic film. According to different product specifications, the thickness of the product can be adjusted appropriately, because the price of the packaging bag is related to the size and thickness of the material. Of course, regardless of the cost factor, in In terms of technical operation, it will also have an appropriate impact. During the vacuum sealing process, if the packaging is too thick, it may lead to improper sealing of the product packaging. On the contrary, if the packaging is too thin, sharp rice grains may tie the packaging during the vacuum process. Broken, causing the bag to break and leak. In light of this, it will affect sales, and in severe cases, it will cause the product to deteriorate due to moisture and not be eaten, thereby reducing the good impression of consumers on the brand, which is not worth the loss. Vacuum packaging bags, tea packaging bags So what do we do? 1. First of all, we should pay attention to a problem when buying bags, that is, the specifications, size and load-bearing information of the packaging bags are provided to the packaging bag manufacturers, and they will give you some reasonable suggestions. It is best to get a sample from the packaging bag manufacturer, vacuum a few bags of rice and leave it for a period of time to see if the bag is broken and leaked. 2. If there is an air leak, let’s put some water in the leaking rice packaging bag to see. Is it a sealing problem or a problem with the middle part of the bag. 3. If it is a sealing problem, then check whether the temperature of our vacuum packaging machine is too low or too high. If the heat sealing temperature is too high or too low, it will have a certain impact on the air tightness of the vacuum rice packaging bag. On the contrary, there is a problem with the middle part of the bag! It may be that the bag is thin and the thickness needs to be adjusted. Or the quality of the bag itself! It should be noted that it is generally recommended to find a relatively strong packaging bag manufacturer, whether it is the quality and service of the bag, there is a certain guarantee. It can save us some trouble in the later stage, which is conducive to providing enough fault tolerance time for new products. If you want to know about the problems related to vacuum rice packaging bags, you can contact our customer service directly.

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