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Mildew of the sealed beef tendon due to damage to the aluminum foil packaging bag

Usually, when we go to the supermarket, we will buy some cooked food in sealed packages. It is a good choice whether it is a snack or a snack when we go home. Ms. Liu, who lives in Xi’an, bought the beef tendon with sauce in a sealed package, but when she took it home and opened the outer package, she found that the inside had been moldy and deteriorated. What’s going on here? Mildewing of beef tendon in sealed sauce supermarket: Compensation according to the law of consumption Ms. Liu told reporters that when she bought it, it was obviously sealed in a sealed package, and when she went home and opened it for consumption, the vacuum packaging layer of the bag of beef tendon in sauce did not swell or bulge. But after opening it, it was already like this. Judging from the packaging bag, the production date of this bag of beef tendon is May 9, 2014, and the shopping receipt shows that Ms. Liu’s purchase date is June 19. It is only 40 minutes from production to Ms. Liu’s purchase. Days, and the packaging bag stated that the product has a shelf life of twelve months, which made Ms. Liu worry about whether there was a problem with the beef. So she hurriedly reported the situation to the seller, Wal-Mart, and hoped that the other party could give a reasonable explanation. Consumer Ms. Liu: “After I went to the supermarket to buy this meat, after I took it home, I opened it from this place and there was a small piece inside, and I didn’t find it after eating it, and then I tore the bag up and found it There was such a big green mold in it. Later, I took this thing to the supermarket. I wanted the supermarket and the merchant to give me an explanation, but the supermarket said that it will be refunded according to the national health law. Ten, but you didn’t tell me the reason why it became like this, so I said that we can solve this problem together after the manufacturer arrives.” This morning, the reporter followed Ms. Liu to the supermarket, and in the On the supermarket shelf, the reporter found that there are two types of beef tendon in sauce, one is the beef tendon in opaque package purchased by Ms. Liu, and the other is beef tendon in sauce in transparent package on the shelf. The person in charge of the supermarket told reporters that they will check the supermarket goods one by one after they are purchased, but they only check whether the outer packaging is damaged and whether the goods are within the shelf life. They are also helpless about the packaged beef tendon in sauce that Ms. Liu bought. The person in charge of Walmart Supermarket: “When the package is ready, let’s come in and check what it is. Is there any problem with the qualification of industry and commerce, and his business license and production license, right, these are no problem, then whether it is within the shelf life, within the shelf life. Whether the storage conditions allow distribution, let’s do some things we should supervise It may be a storage problem, a temperature problem, or foreign matter got in during the packaging. No one can guarantee that there will be no problems 100%. As for this kind of thing, as a supermarket, we also want to solve this problem for you as soon as possible. If there is any problem, I will give you an appropriate treatment as soon as possible to compensate you in accordance with the Consumer Rights Protection Law.” Manufacturer: The same batch of products was recalled immediately due to mildew or damage to the aluminum foil packaging bag, and the supermarket also contacted the manufacturer. Soon the person in charge of the manufacturer also rushed to the scene to deal with the matter. In the supermarket office, the person in charge of the manufacturer’s sales carefully inspected the beef tendon with mildew sauce bought by Ms. Liu and found that there was a small crack at the opening of the inner package. Dou Xiaoni, sales director of Shaanxi Qinbao Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd.: “This product is a vacuumed package. This package may find such small leaks during the packaging process, and the microorganisms in it will change and then it will not The original one has a shelf life effect, and the meat inside will become moldy, but because it is double-packed, we can’t see this when the salesperson sells it, including when they inspect the goods in the supermarket, they only look at our shelf life. Or he can’t see the meat directly in the quality inspection report, so this will lead to this phenomenon.” The person in charge of the manufacturer’s sales told reporters that because this aluminum foil packaging bag will become hard and easy to break after being frozen, plus everyone The packaging bag is also rubbed at the time of purchase, so it is easy to damage the packaging bag, and once it is damaged, it will lose its quality assurance effect, so the mildew of the beef tendon will appear. The reason was finally found out, and Ms. Liu was relieved, but the manufacturer also responded to whether similar problems would occur in other products. Dou Xiaoni, Sales Director of Shaanxi Qinbao Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd.: “On May 9, this batch of meat will be taken off the shelves and returned to the factory.” Reporter: “In Xi’an?” Dou Xiaoni, Sales Director of Shaanxi Qinbao Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd. : “Yes, everything in Xi’an, I will get it right away. After I finish, I will call immediately and let them all within three days in all the shopping malls, because there are more shopping malls to get this batch of goods within three days. It’s over.” Although she bought the mildewed beef tendon in sauce, Ms. Liu was also satisfied with the processing results after seeing the positive response from the manufacturer. Here, we also remind consumers that when purchasing food packaged in aluminum foil, be sure to check carefully and keep the shopping receipt. If the food you buy home is in a similar situation, you should bring the receipt and sample to the supermarket for negotiation. solve. Vacuum packaging bags, tea packaging bags

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