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New forces are emerging, convenient coffee bags is easy to remove

In essence, the new coffee power is based on “portability”, expanding the coffee consumption scene, not simply moving offline business to online. It has made the positioning of “high-quality portable”, focusing on instant coffee and portable coffee liquid. In the design of the product experience, seven major details have been polished: 1. Laser line saves obsessive-compulsive disorder: The outer packaging of the coffee liquid uses a laser line, no matter how it is torn, it is neat. 2. Small packages can be torn open in one second: the individual packaging of coffee liquid is made of easy-tear film material imported from Japan, and the tear opening is marked with a legend, which can be torn open in one second. 3. Bar-shaped design: it does not take up space in the bag and is easier to carry. 4. Easy-tear film without leaving glue: The transparent packaging of the new peach oolong has an easy-tear film, which will not leave glue after opening the package. 5. Classic flying saucer cup: The sealing film is set with a prominent circular tearing opening, so there will be no embarrassment that only half of it is torn off. 6. The sealing strip solves the storage problem. 7. The handle design makes the product portable.

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