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New nozzle stand-up packaging bag

Compared with the traditional packaging form, the new type of self-supporting bag has the advantages of convenience, which is convenient to put into a backpack or pocket, and the volume is reduced as the content decreases. It has advantages in improving product quality, strengthening visual effects, preservation and sealing, and is widely used in food and beverages and daily necessities. Suction bags are more common, such as jelly suction bags, laundry liquid suction bags, beer suction bags, etc. Food bags, food packaging bags, vacuum packaging bags, tea packaging bags The suction nozzle stand-up pouch is made of PET/PA/PE structure laminated, with three-layer, four-layer and other specifications, which are determined according to customer needs. The nozzle part is injection molded from HPDE and HDPP raw materials, heat-sealed with soft food packaging, and holds various liquid and powder products, such as juice, milk, jelly, ice cream, seasoning, etc. Composite packaging bag, aluminum foil bag, plastic packaging bag

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