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Now charging for plastic packaging bags is still popular with consumers

Although relevant government departments have gone too far in selling plastic packaging bags from free to charging, the implementation of this policy has not affected consumer demand for such packaging products. On the contrary, such products still have the same important status as daily necessities, and their shadows can be seen everywhere.Packaging bags have become an indispensable product in people’s daily life. Whether it is used to wrap things or package products, it is an inexpensive and easy-to-use product for individual consumers or users.Therefore, many supermarkets and enterprises will still provide consumers with similar packaging services when providing services. Although many large supermarkets now charge for plastic bags, the price of a few cents is a piece of cake for most consumers, and they don’t mind at all.On the contrary, some consumers also said that since the introduction of the backpack charging policy, the quality of the bag inside is better and the appearance is more beautiful, which is equivalent to spending a few cents to buy a better quality product, and many consumers think it is worth it of.It (plastic bags) is equivalent to the general principle of equivalent exchange.So even though plastic bags are now charged, consumers are still welcome. After all, compared to the price and cost they pay for the bags, the convenience that the bags bring to their lives will be higher. If we weigh this aspect, naturally the latter will occupy a more important position.

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