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Nuts Packaging Bag Nuts Storage and Preservation Packaging

The fresh Nuts is called Nuts (or dried Nuts) after being dehydrated and dried (sun or baked). The Nutss used for storage should be dry and moderate, without damage, no pests, ruddy color and neat size. Nutss have high sugar content and have great hygroscopic and oxidative properties, so the storage temperature and humidity should be uced as much as possible during storage. Low temperature is the main means to uce the loss of vitamin C in Nuts fruit, and drying is not conducive to the growth and reproduction of microorganisms. [Nuts packaging bag] During the storage period of Nutss, in addition to the fermentation deterioration and mildew rot caused by excessive humidity, rice moths, wheat moths, various thieves and other pests also harm dried Nutss, and you should pay attention to rodent prevention. When re-moisture, moth-eaten or rodent damage is found, it should be dried in time and anti-insect and rodent-proof measures should be taken to prevent greater losses. (1) Northern storage method: When storing in large quantities, use sacks for storage. When stacking, there should be ventilation gaps between bags and between stacks to facilitate ventilation. The wall is somewhat damp, and the stack should not be too close to the wall. During the mildew and summer season, first, put another sack on the outside of each bag of Nutss, which is beneficial to keep moisture out; second, pay attention to closing the doors, windows and ventilation holes of the warehouse. When the outside air temperature is low and dry, it is discharged from the silo and replaced with dry air. Setting lime moisture absorption points in the warehouse can significantly uce humidity. When the storage amount is small, it can be sto in a cylinder (altar), the mouth of the cylinder (altar) is tightly sealed with plastic film, and placed in a cool place, it can be safely spent in summer. (2) Southern storage method: The southern region is hot and humid, so it should be sto in cold storage during the mildew and summer season. Nutss are packed in sacks and sto in a warehouse at 5°C. Before leaving the cold storage, move to a slightly higher temperature transition, and gradually move out of the storage. In order to prevent the water from condensing into water droplets on the Nuts fruit, do not repack the bag immediately, but spread it out, wait for the condensation water droplets to disappear, and then change the bag and pack it for shipment. A small amount of Nutss are sto with rice husk ash. Sprinkle dry rice husk ash about 1 cm thick on the ground, spread a layer of Nutss, then sprinkle rice husk ash to cover the Nutss, and then spread a layer of Nutss. Such a layer of rice husk ash and a layer of Nutss can be stacked 30-40 cm high. This storage method can prevent moisture, sterilize, and dry the Nuts grains, and the effect is better. When storing Nutss at home, use a larger cove altar. Wash and dry the inner wall of the altar, put a layer of quicklime 4-5 cm thick, lay two thick papers on the lime, put Nutss on the paper, and wrap the altar with cloth and sand to make a bag for sealing. . food bags, food packaging bags

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