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On the Importance of Food Packaging to Product Sales – Packaging Bag Printing

As we all know, whether a product can attract customers in the first impression link is not due to the packaging. [Packaging bag printing] In the period of continuous development of various product industry markets, the competition in the food packaging industry has become more intense. Supermarkets have a dazzling array of food packaging products with different packaging and brands; all kinds of seasoned food, snacks, etc. provide customers with different visual impact, which has caused fierce competition among products, and major manufacturers have set prices. The war, the brand war blossomed everywhere, and the counterfeit and shoddy products that accompanied it came out one after another. This makes the survival of the food industry even worse. With China’s entry into the WTO, food import and export taxes have dropped, and foreign food industries have begun to invade China. Various multinational companies have used their globalized resource allocation and low costs to directly invest and build factories in China. A new brand culture is emerging in China, especially in the dairy industry. Domestic sales of Chinese local products are struggling. Here I have to mention the barriers that the food industry needs to break through, one is product quality, and the other is product marketing. Needless to say, product quality is the most basic. When it comes to product marketing, it needs to involve the packaging of the product. Exquisite packaging is often the most direct way to attract the attention of customers. What we do is to help customers complete the external appeal of the product. Thereby arousing people’s desire to buy. Composite packaging bag, aluminum foil bag, plastic packaging bag

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