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Only safe plastic packaging bags are allowed to exist in people’s lives!

Food safety incidents caused by poor-quality food plastic packaging bags continue to emerge. Those incidents that were successively detected before were found to be caused by substandard plastic packaging bags. Nowadays, people are paying more and more attention to the quality of food plastic packaging bags.Relevant national departments stipulate that food plastic packaging bags must be made of new materials, and no recycled materials must be added. The bag is printed with the food logo andQSNumber, thickness greater than or equal to0.025mm etc.However, if the plastic packaging bags are made according to the above conditions, the price will be relatively high. This is because the food packaging bags are manufactured completely in accordance with the standards stipulated by the relevant state departments. However, in order to earn more profits, some vendors will choose to go to some small workshops to produce ultra-thin plastic packaging bags. This kind of bag does not meet the standard, and if people use it for a long time, it will cause a certain degree of harm to people.Nowadays, people are gradually realizing the harm of ultra-thin plastic packaging bags to the human body, and the change in awareness has prompted them to reject ultra-thin plastic packaging bags step by step. For the sake of people’s health, in addition to strictly controlling the quality of products in production, we also need to increase publicity, improve consumers’ common sense of the correct use of plastic bags, and call on the masses to reject and boycott the use of non-standard and substandard plastic bags, so that illegal The plastic bag production workshop disappeared from public view. Only safe plastic bags are allowed to appear in people’s lives.

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