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OPP packaging bag

The main material of OPP packaging bag is OPP, Chinese name (polypropylene) hereinafter referred to as “OPP bag” density 0.96 < water, shaking film, crisp sound, burning flame is yellow and blue, melting and dripping, less smoke after leaving the fire , can continue to burn. It is characterized by high transparency, non-biaxially stretched single-piece folded in half, not easily deformed after stretching, has a little hardness, and is easily torn at the seal. Composite packaging bags, aluminum foil bags, plastic packaging bags OPP bags have the effect of increasing the value of the packaged products due to their high transparency, brittleness, and dust resistance. They can fully display the products inside during sales, so OPP bag products are often used. The outer packaging of commodity sales not only plays a protective role, but also plays a role in beautifying the product, which is easy to use and beautiful. Widely used in electronic products, toys, tableware, kitchen utensils, food, clothing, cosmetics, stationery and other industries. OPP bag printing is easy to decolorize, and it needs corona treatment (which is a kind of electric shock treatment, which makes the surface of the substrate have higher adhesion) to improve the adhesion, and can be customized according to customer needs. Airplane hole, butterfly hole. Such as OPP card head bag, OPP mobile phone case bag, etc. The raw materials used in the new OPP are degradable materials, and its sealing performance is higher than that of the traditional OPP film, so that the product has stronger moisturizing, fresh-keeping and longer storage time. In the tobacco industry, the new opp has been used as a material for packaging bags.

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