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OPP/VMPET/CPPWhat is the reason for the air leakage of the structured potato chip inflatable packaging bag?

What is the reason for the air leakage of the potato chip inflatable packaging bag of OPP/VMPET/CPP structure? The reasons for air leakage are summarized as follows: 1. This type of packaging bag is generally a back-sealed bag. Since the heat-sealing temperature of CPP is higher than that of LDPE, it is easy to cause leakage at the crease of the back-sealing, so it is necessary to use sawtooth. Shaped sealing knife to ensure the sealing and airtightness of the packaging bag. It is easier to obtain good sealing and airtightness by using CPP which can be heat sealed at low temperature. 2. Rough mold or other reasons press through the packaging material, which will also cause air leakage in the packaging bag. 3. The inflation varies according to the sales area. For example, the inflatable packaging sold to high-altitude areas may expand the volume of the packaging bag due to the reduction of atmospheric pressure, and some may even burst the packaging bag and leak air. Want to know more,

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